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Sawgrass Home Solutions, LLC provides homeowners and contractors with home performance testing, consulting, and improvement services. We provide these services to those who are embarking upon improving the performance of an existing home as well as those who may be interested in ensuring that the new home that they have planned for construction will perform efficiently while providing optimal comfort. We frequently provide HVAC and building contractors with third party code compliance verification services as required under the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the International Residential Code (IRC). We are a BPI certified Building Analyst and Envelope Professional, and we are also a RESNET certified Home Energy Rater.

Sawgrass Home Solutions is also a South Carolina Licensed Residential Builder with over twenty years of experience in the residential remodeling industry. We utilize our past residential remodeling and construction experience to aid us in determining where home performance is being jeopardized.  We frequently provide project management and conduct many of the home performance improvements that we have recommended to persons as a result of the home performance assessment that we have conducted for them. We have the skills and resources available to see an existing home's improvement efforts carried out from start to completion.

If you are interested in having Sawgrass Home Solutions work with you on a building project, please contact us: