August 2, 2019

Energy audits focus on identifying the deficiencies and providing recommendations that will reduce your home's operating expenses, improve its comfort provisions, render a healthier living environment, and reduce the need for costly repairs resulting from weather durability issues.

Save Money & Increase Home Comfort:

  • Test equipment indicates the sources of costly building envelope and duct air leakage
  • Raters identify and provide recommendations to correct inadequate insulation R-values
  • Improved insulation and air-leakage reduction allows for smaller, more inexpensive HVAC systems
  • Computer-based sizing calculations prevent HVAC system over-sizing
  • Occupant health and safety hazards are identified and repair recommendations areprovided
  • Corrected efficiency issues will save money over time
  • Savings-to-Investment ratios are generated to determine how long improvements will take to pay for themselves.

The annual return-on-investment of improvements is typically about 16%. (RESNET)

Increase Home Market Value & Increase Re-sale Opportunities:

  • $1 decrease in annual energy costs = increase in market value of $20. (
  • Rising energy rates make an efficient home more appealing

Early Detection of Potential Problems Caused by:

  • Hidden infiltration pathways of moisture laden air
  • Hidden condensation development
  • Inadequate fresh-air ventilation
  • Mold, Dust Mite, and Fungus promoting conditions
  • Radon Infiltration from the crawlspace
  • Poor water management provisions
  • Combustion Appliance issues
  • Improper HVAC sizing.

Reduce Carbon Footprint:

  • Reduced energy demand decreases greenhouse gas production
  • Reduced dependence on foreign energy sources
  • Reduced impact on natural resources  

Buildings account for 39% of U.S. carbon emissions and the consumption of 40% of the nation's total primary energy, 73% of electricity, and 55% of natural gas (Oak Ridge National Laboratory).

Increase your home's energy efficiency today!

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  • Last year my company hired Sawgrass Home Solutions to do home diagnostic inspections on over a dozen homes. He completed detailed inspections using a blower door, duct blaster, and thermal camera on all of them.

    J. Erbel, Charleston, South Carolina
  • I want to take this opportunity to tell you what an outstanding young man and contractor Chris Albrecht of Sawgrass Home Solutions is.  He made this such a pleasurable transaction.  His work, attitude, honesty and recommendations are truly way above  average.

    B. Hogan, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
  • Sawgrass Home Solutions, LLC conducted a complete home energy audit for me; they modeled the results and gave me a detailed report. During their audit, they discovered areas around the house which were in need of repairs. Sawgrass made a number of the repairs, including a roof repair.... Read More

    J. Allen, Charleston, South Carolina
  • We are a residential contracting company, and Sawgrass Home Solutions provides us with IECC Compliance Testing services. They are courteous, prompt, and they have always done a professional job. They show up when they say they will and they do a great job.

    G. Premak, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
  • Sawgrass Home Solutions, LLC has tested several houses for me...they do a great job. Chris is very knowledgeable and he has all the right equipment to thoroughly and effectively address code compliance testing and home diagnostics. I highly recommend him for your testing needs!

    R. Johnson, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
  • It was a pleasure working with Chris Albrecht and Sawgrass Home Solutions for our home energy retrofit. Chris was easy to communicate with and responsive.

    C. Carnevale, Charleston, South Carolina
  • Thanks for the wonderful job you did repairing the moisture damage on our home on James Island. It looks like a new house now! You make home repairs seem like a walk in the park. I know we will be calling on you again and telling all our friends about Sawgrass Home Solutions.

    A. Scott, James Island, South Carolina
  • Over the past two years, Chris has served as project manager and carpenter on a variety of jobs at our residence on Church Street in downtown Charleston. His creativity and timeliness have been good and his enthusiasm for the work exceptional.

    R. Johnstone, Charleston, South Carolina
  • As a realtor, I am always careful when I recommend someone to one of my buyers. Without question, I would recommend Chris Albrecht to any of my clients. I have also had Chris do work for me personally and I was exceptionally happy.

    J. Wegner, Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
  • Chris has worked on several projects for us over the years. He takes great pride in his work and strives for perfection. Chris has wonderful problem solving ideas for those "What do we do about this" encounters. He is dependable, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with.

    J. Anderson, Charleston, South Carolina